"My name is Clefton (FCID# 05/12/2017-401). I was found at an apartment complex in Bensalem, PA. I am very friendly and love to be around people. My upper lip looks a little funny because I had an ulcer on my lip, but it is better now. Although I am happy almost anywhere, I really want a family and home of my own. A nice foster family took me out of the clinic and brought me into their home to give me a break. I LOVE to sit on laps and to be petted and scratched on my head. If you let me sit on your lap, I could stay there all day!"

Clefton is on a prescription diet for a skin condition called Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex. The condition is manageable but he does need the hypoallergenic diet and occasional medical treatment for flareups. Clefton did not ask to have this and is desperate for someone willing to take a chance on him. Could that be you?

Clefton is currently in foster care. If you'd like to meet him and offer him your lap, please submit a no-obligation adoption application here.




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